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Welcome to MyShop4

The online platform that empowers your business

From a restaurant to a small neighborhood business add value to your customers by building a Product catalog.

MS4 is a web platform which will allows you to create a product catalog or a gastronomic menu for your business.

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What are the advantages?

  • For customers

    Watch the menu while waiting for their turn and even before going to your business.

    Minimize physical contact.

    Everyone will be able to access the menu at the same time, simply by scanning a QR code or accessing through a link.

    For owners

    Gastronomic menu always updated using your cell phone.

    Cost reduction. You don't have to print the menu anymore.

    Faster service. The waiter will not have to bring the printed menu to the table.

  • For customers

    Know the availability of current products on a daily basis.

    Get the latest updates in products and prices.

    Catalog's always available, so you can generate sales worldwide, especially in countries with a different time zone.

    Find products easily with our search engine.

    By reducing the use of paper, you are helping to take care of the environment. This will be greatly appreciated by your customers.

    For owners

    Immediate content distribution. Catalogs sent via email, QR code for sharing and, of course, uploaded to your website.

    They are a great way to classify, sort, and display essential features of your products in an attractive and simple way.

    They do not need to be printed, therefore, you will be able to reduce your company costs.

    Eliminate and/or shorten processes to use that time for other tasks.

    Increase your presence on the Internet. It helps to taker your company to the next level.

What can I do with MyShop4?

You can create a profile for your business and access to our platform with a few simple steps.

After completing the data, you'll have to select which of our products is the one that suits you best.

Add value to your business, create your Product catalog and start sharing it with your customers.

Our products

Gastronomic menu

A solution designed exclusively for restaurants, cafeterias, bars and catering establishments.

Key features

  • Scan a QR code and get access inmediatly
  • Organize your menu by grouping products in categories
  • Receipt of orders through our platform, email or whatsapp.
  • Different menu options, like eat on site, take-away and delivery orders.
  • Create promotions for your products using our add-ons and options.
  • Indicate allergens in each of the dishes on your menu.
See demo
Product catalog

A slightly more standard solution, which can be adapted to any other type of business.

Key features

  • Scan a QR code and get access inmediatly
  • Organize your menu by grouping products in categories
  • Receive purchase orders through our platform, email or whatsapp.
  • Shipping options for your sales and/or pick up at the store.
  • Apply promotional discounts to certain products.
  • Create shared features between products
  • Prices per product differentiated by unit/sizes.
See demo

How do I sign up?

The sign up process is easy. You must follow the next steps:

  1. Complete the registration form.
  2. Validate your email account by following the steps detailed in the received email. Please, check your spam folder if you didn't receive it.
  3. From now on, you are ready to upload your business data and create your Product catalog or Gastronomic menu.

The system will generate a QR code or a link that you can share with your customers via whatsapp, email, your own website or any of your social networks.

We hope you can try it and enjoy it - we look forward to hear your feedback!

We are so convinced that we can add value to your business that we want to give you the first month of use of our platform completely free.

What are you waiting for to join us?

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